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Your corporate network firewall is no longer the focal point

 No chain is stronger than the weakest link


Many companies are investing far too much on the firewall to the corporate network. Not only in purchasing bur as well for  service contract and man-hours of configuration.

Don´t fool yourself your users are no longer tied to the corporate firewall, the users are using cloud services and connecting IoT(Internet of Things) devices without being controlled by the firewall. Wake up and realize that your users and devices are mobile. You will need a new way of securing the devices and end users in the end point, with cloud security services you will still be able to centrally log what is happening in your network. Even if the users are not connecting to the office.

It is now so easy to connect to Internet using mobile connection over the 4G network so the users are taking the opportunity. If you block the users to access services when they are controlled by the firewall, will the users connect using their mobile phone and do what they need to for solving the tasks they need for your company. Many talk about the term ”Shadow IT” and only talk about the service that the users is accessing, it is about more than that. It should be considered as ”Shadow network”.

Do you know how much of this you already have in your company?

Do you know what the users are working on outside of the network?

Do you know how many IoT devices that are dual attached(with a 4G connection and corporate network) on your shop-floor in the factory/Office?

You do need a whole new way of thinking when designing your security perimeter, it is not from inside and out, it is from outside and in that needs to be your new focus.


  • Control of users and devices needs to be distributed with agents. For Microsoft Cloud this can be handled with Intune.
  • Block data from leaving the company. For Microsoft Cloud this can be handled with features such as Information Protection and Conditional Access of Azure AD Premium.
  • Control behavior of users is harder to do with technology, the biggest security investment is training of end users.
  • Control what users are able to setup on cloud services by themselves. For Office 365 this can be handled by limiting group creation to certain users.

Are you ready to switch focus for Information Security? The work for a CISO(Chief Information Security Officer) will change to be more openly accepting the users needs with new services even in the cloud. For a network administrator it is just not enough to setup VLANs to divide traffic.