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Work paperless

OneNote meeting notes

I would like to introduce you to a life where all your information is digital, and you were not in need of paper. I am not yet there myself but very much on my way. My goal is to be working paperless fully by mid of 2017, I know it is a tough goal as I don´t have all my contacts with me on the goal. I will try to convince them I don´t use paper.

I have talked to many who don´t believe in the goal of being paperless, man still need paper to read large documents. I can understand that may be the case, as too many documents contain far to much words. It is funny how we use digitally stored information like a standard page on a notebook, unfortunately are word processing programs like Microsoft Word still standardized to be opened in A4 or letter size.

It is possible to change that in Word, create a template that is not A4 size, I know it will confuse many as they can´t print the document. Another easy way of moving away from A4/Letter size notetaking is to use OneNote. A tool that is available on almost all devices, I explain OneNote as a digital filing cabinet(if you still remember those?). In OneNote you can store not only text but as well pictures, links, videos, sound and the best thing. Print to OneNote is a very good feature that I use a lot, if you print from a website the link to the site is added below the printout.
When you install OneNote you get a printer that actually sends the printout to OneNote. You get an option to choose the Notebook and place to store the printout


I read somewhere that a 1 GB Word-file with pure text contains 130 000 pages, even if it is half of that imagine how many pages of text you can store in cloud services such as OneDrive for business with 1 TB of storage/user. I am not sure how many trees can be saved from storing 1 TB of data digitally and not print it.