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Will SharePoint 2016 be a contender to SharePoint Online?

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A little more than a year ago did I and many others in the business predict that SharePoint as a product would be less talked about and be an integrated part of Office 365. When SharePoint 2016 is now being more talked about the question is now, will companies choose SharePoint 2016 instead of SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online is constantly updated and is based on SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 is like 2013 updated when the administrator is doing the upgrade. The product SharePoint 2016 is based on SharePoint Online, the look and feel seems very much the same.

Many believe that the only way to get OneDrive for business is through SharePoint Online, you can even get it with SharePoint 2013 and of course with 2016. The challenge is that the user may require 1 TB of storage, even  though discs are quite cheap today will this be a challenge for many IT budgets.

Do you want to know more what is the future of SharePoint you can sign up for a webinar by Microsofts Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President of OneDrive and SharePoint. Jeff is a legend in the SharePoint community and a speaker that inspires.

One of the new benefits of SharePoint 2016 is that it is easier to work with protecting the digitally stored information in SharePoint.
Data loss prevention, eDiscovery and enhanced encryption.

The SharePoint 2016 is also easy to integrate with SharePoint Online in a hybrid environment.