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Will APIs disrupt software development?


Developing solutions to customize systems like SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and tailor-made applications are usually expensive. The amount of time and developers are usually preventing customers from accepting the solutions. With the use and adoption of Cloud solutions by SMEs will require a disruption for software developers.

There are a couple of reasons why we need a disruption of software development.

  1. Cloud services are constantly updated and adding new features. With traditional development are the risk of problems after upgrades highly potential. This has already happened.
  2. Customers will choose many different Cloud services that needs to interact. With APIs are this a lot easier handled. Most vendors have open APIs, if they don´t you should look at others.
  3. The cost of traditional software developments are too expensive for SMEs. With APIs are the possibility to develop solutions for a whole business vertical.
  4. Time to market is essential today and will require quick development. With the use of API is it easier to develop faster.

These are some of the reasons why APIs are so important for developing Cloud solutions, I am a bit troubled by the business reluctant to adopt to develop more using API.

In our part of the ICT business as a Microsoft partner I still find many of our friends in the Microsoft Partner Network are not upto speed with the possibilities of APIs. This even though Microsoft has developed an extreme amount of APIs för all of their Cloud services and even for on-prem solutions. I know after 32 years in the industry that the speed of change sometimes is slow and that disruption is a negative word.

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