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Will Microsoft 365 replace Office 365?

Microsoft announced last week the new service Microsoft 365, is it really new? Will Microsoft 365 replace Office 365? I will give some short answers and make you relieved.

Microsoft 365 is like Office 365 a bundle of products that can be subscribed to as single services. Microsoft 365 was up until last week a package named Secure Productivity Enterprise and was abbreviated as SPE. History repeats itself again for Microsoft, prior to Office 365 the service was named BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite). The challenge was that customers and even we as partners did not understand what the named stood for. It was a marketing mistake to name a product so customers did not know what it was or what the abbreviation stood for.

So what is Microsoft 365? It is a bundle of 3 separate services that can be individually subscribed to.

  • Office 365 Business Premium or E3 or E5
  • EMS E3 or E5(Enterprise Mobility + Security)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3 or E5

As you can see is Office 365 still a service you can subscribe to, the benefit with the package is not only the price but an administrative task. When users are assigned licenses it is a lot easier to add one instead of three licenses.

I have written in many posts about the service EMS so you can browse through the blog to read more about EMS. Office 365 is exactly the same service as it has been, even though it changes every week with new features being added. There is a lot more coming as well and some features are in preview mode already but not fully supported.

Windows Enterprise is a service that some of our customers are using, it is a very good way to give the user security features for Windows. Some of the benefits a user gets from Windows 10 Enteprise E3 or E5 are these

  • Install on up to 5 PCs(the PC has to have a valid Windows 10 Professional installed)
  • Device Guard feature for added security of hardware.
  • Credential Guard feature for added security of users security.

As I have written earlier will EMS and now even the Microsoft 365 be good for GDPR compliance.