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Why do I work with training of end users and offer cloud services?

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I am passionate about sharing knowledge of working with Office 365, SharePoint and other Cloud services. Why do I do what I do in my business?

I have been working on my Emotoíonal Charged Connection(ECC) as a part of my referral networking plan. I identified that I have when I was a kid, been inspired by some of my relatives who did not get enough education. Then it was not always possible for all to study when they became teenagers, they had to start work and earn money. I do tell the full story when I meet with contacts in my network, I have found out that most of my contacts do get emotionally connected with my why. That makes me unique, it is nothing others who do they same as I do have as a USP.

Today I meet with some managers who say their staff do not need training on how to use the IT-systems they need to work with. Training is considered as a cost by some managers, one of my best networking partners is working with training end users how to use Microsoft Project. Agneta Rebo is my contact, she has a very good way of showing that training is not a cost it is an investment. The investment is in the most valuable resource at most companies, the staff!

Agneta’s formula is spot on. ”Do you believe that you can be 10 minute more effective each working day by being trained?” I know that effect may be more than 10 minutes, let´s use this in the formula.

10 minutes each day will let you gain a working week per year, and per employee you give training.

When I started in the IT-business in April 1984 I got mentors that trained me and gave me enough courage to learn by myself, I was not punished if I made mistakes in the beginning. I was also offered training, one of those training’s was  ”Building a Data Communication Network Control Center”. I was given a task to setup a helpdesk at an outsourcing company I worked for then.

Diplom Helpdeskkurs-85

I have during my 30+ years in the ICT-business been training my colleagues, resellers and customers. I have enjoyed sharing knowledge, that is why I do what I do.

I have during the last 4 years been working a lot with training and consulting with Office 365, Share Point and Cloud solutions. I see consulting as a way to share knowledge as well.
One of the nice things about the community of SharePoint professionals is that we all endorse ”Sharing is caring”. I have trained end users to be more friendly with the Cloud solution, and sometimes managers to make the right decisions on what service to choose and how to staff their projects. I have also had the honor to train students at higher educations in Stockholm in SharePoint without coding, they later get trained by a developer to become SharePoint developers. I have also been training students to become Cloud advisors, the first class of students are now doing their practice assignments at different companies in Sweden. Now in September will I meet with new students on both of these educations. I will also be training end users on how to use Office 365 and SharePoint. Another training I have just planned is together with 2 of my networking partners the legal advisors at CM-Juridik, we will have trainings on how to adopt your business to the new EU Data Privacy regulation(GDPR).

I started NetIntegrate in 2004 and chose the slogan ”Online all the time, anywhere with anything”. I then was working with setting up networking and was also a distributor of fiber-optic equipment, routers, WLAN equipment and VOIP products. In 2007 I started as a consultant working for one of the vendors I was distributing, the company is a German vendor now by the name of Bintec-Elmeg. In 2010 I started working with consulting on Microsoft Cloud solutions as I found their service BPOS, the predecessor of Office 365 to be working very good. In 2009 I was hit by a server crash at NetIntegrate and had to work all night to restore the server. The server was a Windows Small Business Server 2003 with an actively used SharePoint site. I had read some emails from Microsoft and found out that BPOS may be the answer to my needs. Being totally independent of place of work, with BPOS and VOIP I was able to travel as a part of my assignment.

In June 2009 I moved the SharePoint site, the Exchange accounts to BPOS for NetIntegrate, a decision I have never regretted. Some say the Cloud is scary and not secure. For us and most of our customers it is less scary and more secure than hosting your own servers. NetIntegrates focus is to assist companies with up to 250 employees choose the right Cloud solutions for their business.

One of mine and my wife Maria’s passion is to travel and most of the time to different places in the US during vacations, I got a good taste of visiting US when I was an Exchange Student 1979/1980. I was living in a very nice host family in Albuquerque in New Mexico, the city where Microsoft was founded in 1975. I did not now of Microsoft then and that year they also moved to Seattle. Below is a picture from the tram at Sandia Peak, the great Mountain in the North of Albuquerque. You can see some of the buildings in the North East Heights of the city. Close to the Eldorado High School where I was a student for a year.


Travelling to meet new people and see other countries is a passion along with outdoor activities such as walking in the woods, skiing and biking are my passions to relax from my work.
It is important to have passions that is not all about your work. I am lucky to be working with a passion I have had since I was a kid, technology and when I was a teenager computers where in the early stage of hitting even the homes. It was not all about mainframe computers anymore, it was about personal computers. I have been fortunate to be working with many different ICT systems.

When I was training my colleagues even back in the 80-ties I told them that ICT is like a puzzle, you need all pieces and you can´t mix pieces from different puzzles to get the right picture. The puzzle that is a part of the logo for NetIntegrate is no coincidence ad neither is the slogan. Work is not a place is what you do, and now you know why I do what I do.

Do you get emotionally charged by my story? Please connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter, you can also visit our website. I am interested in why do you do what you do, that is what makes you unique.