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What service in Office 365 to use?


What service should you use in Office 365 to perform the tasks during the day? This is a question that many users ask and get a lot of confused about. I will try to bring some answers.
There is no one solution that works for everyone, I often get the question from new users on what service to use. I answer that they should use what they feel most comfortable with.

Email is the most used feature of Office 365 and in almost all cases is that the first experience users see with Office 365. To many customers of Office 365 only use email, this is like having a new sports car and only drive on the first gear(it´s not automatic shifting). There are so many good features that can replace other services and with a single sign-on.

I will give some of my tips based on my work with customers supporting and training end users in Office 365.

  • Email management can be accessed in different ways, the most usual way is with Microsoft Outlook. Other ways is with Outlook Web Access or mobile device.
  • Storing documents is best handled on SharePoint Online or OneDrive for business. Store personal documents (not private) in OneDrive and other documents in SharePoint.
  • Another option for storing documents is with Office 365 Groups, the documents saved here is located in SharePoint.
  • Office 365 Groups is a good replacement for Public Folders in older Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • Office 365 Groups do contain most of the features a project or organisational group need to digitally collaborate.
  • Microsoft Teams is based on Office 365 Groups with an extension of a better chat feature and connectors to other systems.
  • Yammer is a social network that can replace many emails and provide a good way of communication in the organisation.