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What is the difference with Microsoft and Office 365 account?


I have had the experience this week once again to explain why a Microsoft account and an Office 365 account can collide when you try to access Microsoft services such as Office 365.

Microsoft account is the personal account that you use when you access OneDrive consumer version or Skype consumer. In the past these accounts were known as Windows Live and Hotmail accounts. With Windows 8 and Windows 10 these accounts have now been used for login with Windows so you can synchronize all your data to the cloud. If you purchase Office 365 Home or student you verify your license with your Microsoft account. You can have multiple Microsoft accounts.

The challenge that some business users have seen is that when they login to Office 365 they get a choice to login using personal or organizational account. The reason is that they have a Microsoft and an Office 365 business account with the same login name.

The Microsoft accounts are since a couple of years ago administered by Microsoft in Microsoft Azure. All users with a Microsoft Account are members of an Azure Active Directory domain. This domain is like all Office 365 business accounts hosted in Azure by Microsoft.

This causes a problem if you use the same login name for these services, many of the users are not aware of that they have a Microsoft account. Some IT-support companies that install the PC for the user creates a Microsoft account for the user without telling their customer. When the users company later signs up for Office 365 they get a problem with this login collision. To change the account is not an easy task.

I hope this explains to some of you why you get this choice when you login, and also creates some concern of what is an organizational account?

Please pass this post on to your friends and definitely to your IT-support if you have this problem. They may not be aware of this, believe me I have talked to Microsoft partners(resellers) that are not aware of this.