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What is personal data?


The adoption of your organisation to the new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is hopefully on your agenda. You have until 25th of May 2018 to be ready and compliant, the deadline is not negtiable.

GDPR is about data privacy with 2 major benefits(in my opinion), any ICT service provider will have it easier to deliver services all over EU. We as individual will be in control of our personal identity(PI). Is PI really affecting your organisation? I refer to organisation as GDPR is even for non-profit organisations.

So what is personal data? When I speak with business owners they claim they don´t have any personal data stored. I simply don’t believe them when they say this. I am sure they have customers staff in their systems. The legal counselors I cooperate with say it is easier to say what is not personal data. The short desription is ”Data that direct or indirect can identify a now living person”.

I can give you some examples if you store data that is connected to the CEO of any company that is publicly-traded on a stock exchange. The name of that person can easily be identified so that is personal data. As you see are almost any data about customers, business partners personal data.

Almost all organisations have employees and the HR-systems are full of personal data, sometimes this data is sensitive. Such data is medical data such as sick leave, sensitive data is also information about etnical background, religion, political view, membership of trade union. In order to store this information it has to be relevant information to the reason for collecting the information.

In order to store sensitive information the risk assessment and security have to be verified and documented.

Next week I will write more about how to document your ICT-systems. This is a neglected work at many companies, I have during my years seen this is lacking. When I ask new customers about the network and systems diagram they look very surprised. Some even don’t know they should have one. Do you have an updated documentation, connect with me on Twitter.