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What is Office 365 groups


The feature of Office 365 that is evolving quickly is the Office 365 groups, but what is it and what should I use it for? This post will get your mind on what some of the benefits is for your business.

All of the features of Office 365 are very good by themself and to get them to interact can be a challenge for unexperienced users. To get a team working together with emails, SharePoint files, OneNote, Skype meetings  require a lot of awareness and links for the users to find the different sources.

With Office 365 groups you will get a mix of all of them with a unifying place. When a group  is created all these features are launched for the group to collaborate with.

  • Group email inbox.
  • Community forum chat integrated with the group email.
  • A OneNote notebook (I love OneNote and use it for all my notes, it helps me work paperless).
  • File storage in SharePoint (good know that every organisation gets 1 TB for their common SharePoint Online).
  • Group Calendar that is integrated with your own calendar as you are a member of the group.
  • Start a Skype-chat or meeting in Skype for business.
  • If your organisation have CRM Online you can integrate CRM with Office 365 groups.
  • Integration with Outlook 2016, groups are available directly from Outlook.

There are many features that will be implemented in the future such as interaction with Yammer, there will come more features as Microsoft is openly working on APIs for developers to create interaction with Office 365.



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