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What do you want about #Office365 to learn from my blog?

I am sorry that I missed the deadline for posting to my blog, I was fully busy handling how to deal with a snowstorm that hit me and my wife. We have spent the weekend skiing in Åre, Sweden, we should have gone back yesterday. All trains were cancelled due to a snowstorm with gusts in hurricane speed.

The picture above is from when I was sitting in a hotel in New Jersey when the hurricane Sandy hit the US east coast in 2012. I was able to work as the hotel had power and Internet connection all the time. I had Internet connection yesterday through my mobile operator, but was to busy arranging how to get back home and to reschedule todays. This is if I am not mistaken the first time I missed to post every Sunday at 3 p.m. local time in Sweden.

I have been posting every week now for 5 years, I know the blog is read as I hear comments from friends and colleagues in the business. I have up until now decided on my own what I will write. Now I am asking you for input to future posts. I will list a couple of areas for posts and ask you to fill out the form below.

  • News about Office 365
  • What tool to use in Office 365
  • Experiences from the field
  • Guest bloggers (I have many contacts in the business)
  • Smart features in SharePoint
  • How to work independent of place