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User adoption of SharePoint

I love SP

My mission is to get users to love SharePoint, I know that may seem as a huge task. I have been told by users that they don´t like SharePoint, as a matter of fact some even say ”not that bloody SharePoint!”.

Usually it ends upo that the users of dislike SharePoint did not get training and was not involved in design and structure of their SharePoint. The IT-staff still Thinks SharePoint is an IT-Project and as almost all IT-systems it is a business-tool that ius delivered using IT. There are a couple of issues to Think about if you don´t want to end up with a road to failure when implementing SharePoint.

  • Involve the end users early in the design and structure process!
    One of the hardest tasks is still to get users to navigate in SharePoint and to understand the design.
  • Start with a workshop involving the users in the planning process how to categorize data using metadata.
  • Create a team of pilot users that can be ambassadors when implementing SharePoint.
  • Train the users both in the pilot and all users, over and over again, SharePoint is so large so no one can learn it in one training.
  • Limit the amount of features in the implementation, add features when users are ready for it. Ask the ambassadors if the feature they ask for is ”need to have” or ”nice to have”.
  • Get C-level approval and support to make the end users use SharePoint. Why do executive want users to use SharePoint and how does SharePoint ease the work the employees do.
  • Don´t just make SharePoint a replacement for the file server and only use document libraries.
  • Try to use SharePoint online if possible, maintaing a SharePoint installation is a huge task. Hand that over to Microsoft in their cloud datacenters using Office 365.
  • Don´t say that OneDrive for business is the ”old homecatalog for files”!

These are some of the issues you need to Think about when implementing a SharePoint intranet.