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Use SharePoint to store more than documents

I meet many that only know SharePoint as a document management system, in fact it is a Content Management System(CMS). Just like other CMS is it a webfrontend with a database backend.

To store documents is a good fit for using SharePoint, especially if you use the online cloud in Office 365. With features such as versioning, check in/out, sharing and security. The benefit is that all is stored in the database and are being indexed in the database. This makes it easy to search for the information contained in documents.

You will gain a lot if you decide to switch away from 1st gear, start to use more than storing documents in SharePoint such as lists. Lists can be anything such as calendar events, announcements, contacts, products and anything that can be put into a list. I usually explain SharePoint as a web-based excel to those that are new to SharePoint. You can store anything that you usually use Excel for in a SharePoint list. Like in Excel you can add columns to a list, you can filter, sort and group entries in the list based on what the value is of a column.

A document library is basically a list of pointers to where the document can be accessed. A calendar is a list of events, the trick is to display them in a calendar view. You can even display other list entries and documents in a calendar view.

I wrote above that the contents of a document is being indexed by a crawl features in the SharePoint servers. With SharePoint Online Microsoft controls when the crawl is running. It is not just documents even list items are indexed and can be searched. Even pages that you can setup in SharePoint, the startpage in SharePoint site is a page, you can actually have many pages.

With the new features being added such as Communication sites and hub sites in SharePoint Online you can make really user-friendly Intranet with the use of SharePoint.

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