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Use OneNote to be digital

Klassen klar

OneNote is a very good tool to be working all digital, I store all of my information and share it with my team using OneNote. We store the OneNote books in SharePoint Online so we all can access them 24/7 using any device.

I have also started to use OneNote more with my students on the vocational school for SharePoint developers. The important notes are stored in the SharePoint app OneNote for classroom. A tool where all students have their own section and I have sections for all students.

I know that you like me get physical documents and have a hard time to find or bring along the document. The solution for me is firstly to ask for and educate my contacts to send me the information digitally. I sometime don´t get the information digital and are forced to take action by myself. The solution for me is to scan the document, it is very easy to scan the document take a look at the video I have published on Office Mix.


The integration with OneNote and Outlook is also a good use for being digital worker. Any note you take can be tagged as a task in Outlook and when you book a meeting you can create a page in OneNote for meeting notes that will include the attendees.

OneNote meeting   OneNote meeting notes

The next tip is to use OneNote for storing articles or websites that you want to read or have as reference information. By printing to OneNote you can easy read the information on any device. I use this when I travel by storing the tickets printed to my OneNote instead of on paper. When you install Office and OneNote a digital printer for OneNote is installed and can be used like any physical printer.


Print OneNote

These have been some of the tips to be working more digital and be able to ditch paper and be less dependent on email. We use OneNote at NetIntegrate to share notes.