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Training will make you less dependent on support

We are passionate about giving users self-confidence to handle Microsoft cloud services such as SharePoint and Office 365 on their own. We endorse the concept of sharing is caring, by sharing our extensive knowledge and experience our customers are confident and productive users. We offer training so our customers don´t have to spend money on service contracts, you can handle almost all scenarios on your own by training.

We offer 4 levels of training for our customers, not all at the company need the same amount and type of training. The training sessions can be either at your office,, on a training center or online.

1. End user training

For all projects where we offer Microsoft cloud services we offer training. The systems and the way of working requires a change of work-style and mindset. Everyone needs training not only to be self-confident users, also how they use the systems so that the colleagues can find the information easily. This level is usually done onsite and requires at least 2 hours for each service to be used, the less time you spend on training the more support will the users need. Training is a neglected in many companies as managers see training as a unnecessary cost, I say it’s an invcestment as the users get more productive.

2. Power user training

An important group of users are the once we refer to as ”power users”, they are often administrators for managers or project leaders. They usually work full-time with the systems, and get the questions from the users. These are good source when implementing changes as ambassadors, in larger projects it is not uncommon to have them as members of pilot-projects.
These session usually run in 2 sessions in 3-4 hours, we can have these as a full-day session. The power users are extremely important to SharePoint projects as these users take on the role as content, user and design administrators.

3. Mentoring as a coach for the users

Content administrators do need to slowly evolve the usage of SharePoint sites and the use of all different parts of Office 365. The services are so extensive that they need constant to learn more, it is a life-long learning experience. We offer service to be your SharePoint or Office 365 mentor. It is a service for half or full day that can be subscribed to for 6 months, where I come out to your office and guide you to learn and use more features of Office 365 and SharePoint.

4. Online self-study portal

For our customers where we are administrators of their Office 365 subscription we offer a self-study portal in SharePoint Online. The portal contains video-guides and guides for quick support on your own. If you are a customer of one of our business partners you can subscribe to our portal for self-study and self-support.



Our mission is to boost your confidence to be self-learning and self.going user of Microsoft Cloud services. It will make you and your company more efficient and profitable.