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The future of SharePoint

If you asked me 2 years ago about the future of SharePoint my answer would have been that I was not certain it had much of future more than a part of Office 365. Today I am convinced that SharePoint is driving the future of Office 365, for a Microsoft Partner with Office 365 as their core product they need to have knowledge of SharePoint.

Th future looks very bright for SharePoint, even for the server version as their is rumor of a SharePoint 2019. For Office 365 customers is SharePoint now a central part of the collaboration needed in the new digital workplace. Office 365 groups and Teams are based on SharePoint for collaboration. OneDrive is now working good so many are now moving from Dropbox to OneDrive and SharePoint.

Other new paths for SharePoint is integration with other systems using the Graph API, the use of PowerApps and Flow will integrate many systems with SharePoint. Not only for document sharing, even lists stored in SharePoint. Such lists could be timesheets, contacts lists of entries from web-forms, if you look at our website the form for Cloud Security and GDPR is this type of solution. Entries made in the form are sent to a SharePoint list in our Office 365. This is performed using Graph APIs, the solution is coded using PHP!

The solutions using API, PowerApps and Flow will solve many business needs in the future, the rumor about SharePoint 2019 and all the additions is making the future of SharePoint extremely bright. I am happy to be working with SharePoint, the past months have shown us that our drive to work with the new ways of creating SharePoint solutions is beneficial for us.