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Stop emails before they reach users mailbox

One of the features that many don´t know about with Office 365 is the Exchange Online Protection(EOP). This feature is available in all license plans for organisations, even the Exchange Online Plan 1.

With this feature your organisation gets anti-malware and anit-virus protection inside of the mailserver. By this the users will not see these emails in their Outlook inbox. Not even when they use the webmail feature named Outlook Web Access. The filters can be configured to any desired level and are set at a standard level by Microsoft that suits most organisations.

The EOP is a set of antivirus and anti-malware systems that Microsoft is hosting for you, you really don´t need any other features to clean your emails in Office 365. I know some companies use mailwasher services in front of Office 365. For most companies that is not needed. The features of EOP are also using machine learning to enhanced the threat levels. When you as a user marks an email address as blocked in your Outlook inbox a message is sent to EOP. If a large number of users do this the EOP will learn that this is a spammer and will block the email from being delivered.

The configurations are performed now from the Security & Compliance Center for most of the Office 365 users, some may still have to configure it using Exchange Online admin center. Microsoft is shifting this out in a controlled way.

For those who already have the new admin experience the interface looks like below.

The configuration may seem to be far too much work for anyone except a security expert. For an Office 365 administrator can perform the most needed changes. The more advanced configuration would require an experienced staff in your organisation or a consultant. Here is where a Microsoft partner with focus on Office 365 gives you as an organisation assistance. Microsoft is aiming to have organisation establish a relationship with one of their partners, the more dedicated partners are also members of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP). So be sure to look for if your Microsoft partner is a member of IAMCP.

Do you need assistance with configuring the features of EOP will the Cloud Security services be perfect fit for you.