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Start your working day with the calendar and not the inbox


Take Control of your time and start the working day by opening your calendar instead of your inbox. You have probably put a lot of time into prioritizing your tasks and meetings, the risk of opening your inbox first is that you spend a lot of time Reading and replying emails sp you may be late doing what you planned and definitley for the first meeting of the day.

A way of handling this is by educating your team and Contacts is to ask them to send you a meeting request if it is extremly urgent that they need to talk to you. The meeting request will show up in your calender. The risk of doing this is that you may get flooded by meeting requests, and I know you feel that you have enough meetings as it is today.

To open your calendar first if you use Office 365 webmail, you go to the Office365 settings and change the start page to be the calender and hit save.

Start_calendar      Start_calendar Calenderstart

In Outlook you do this by going to File-Settings-Advanced and change the ”Start Outlook with this folder”(Sorry that the Picture is in Swedish, I am Confident that you will manage)


With this small change you are able to take Control of your time better and not be controlled by your inbox. I call being controlled by the inbox as acoustic planning, the one who screams the most get the highest attention. Please feel free to share your thoughts on how to be more efficient in controlling the time you spend with your inbox on Twitter and Linkedin