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Sharing is caring SharePoint Saturday came to Stockholm


SharePoint community is a fantastic bunch of professionals all dedicated so much to SharePoint that they spend a nice Saturday inside to meet.

The session is not hosted by Microsoft, it is being organized by SharePoint Professionals. The Stockholm event was organised by the team from Rencore, Matthias Einig, Erwin van Hunen and Tobias Zimmergren. Thanks guys for a good event!

The number of visitors was about 200(unfortunately did too many sign up and did not cancel their tickets, shame om you!). The tickets were for free as there were a couple of sponsors exhibiting at World Trade center where the venue was taking place. SharePoint Saturday(SPS) was organized for the 3rd time. I have been attending all of them and have never felt I wasted a Saturday. SPS events are organized in about 60 cities all over the world, the website is

In Stockholm yesterday we participants got to choose 5 sessions, each time there were 4 concurrent sessions. All the sessions were with different focus and level of expertise. There were sessions for business, IT-pro and developers.

The SharePoint community is an interesting bunch of people as we are all ”competitors”(although I see them as ”branch-colleagues”). Still are we sharing best practice, hints about solutions and so on. The motto for this community is ”Sharing is caring”.

One of the best parts is to meet my colleagues in the SharePoint branch, some that I have met many times and some new connections. Thanks to all I had good conversations with, you all gave me new experiences.

I learned more yesterday about SharePoint search, Office Graph, Digital workplace, SharePoint framework and the use of SharePoint lists.

SharePoint is by those who are not actively working with it seen as a document storage place. The biggest misconception is to see SharePoint as an equivalent of Dropbox, this is totally wrong! As well as SharePoint is a replacement for the file server. The use of lists is a feature that I think is used too less in SharePoint.

The event yesterday really showed that SharePoint is still alive and kicking as a product. The new release SharePoint 2016 is much welcomed by the community and also by companies. For those who missed the webcast can read all about it at the Office blog, the statement by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was very inspiring for thos of us who work with SharePoint.