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SharePoint with Office 365

app launcher Start all your work in Office 365 from SharePoint

My focus is on SharePoint, this is no secret for you who have visited my blog for several years. I try to use SharePoint for all my work I do with and for customers, and also for students at vocational schools in Stockholm. In a month I will meet students for a new class at Medieinstitutet, a vocational school in Stockholm. The students will become SharePoint Deevelopers.

I tell the students that if they want to be good at SharePoint they have to ”eat, breath and think SharePoint”. Like in sports you have to dedicate yourself to SharePoint, there is no place for SharePoint in the olympics. You have to compete every day to be on top of what SharePoint can bring.

From my point of view is SharePoint the largest benefit to Office 365. I will in this post try to show you how you can start most of your work in SharePoint and how you can integrate it with Office client and other parts of your work.

The first thing I want to show you is how to open files from the Office client from SharePoint. In the File menu in word you see under(look below at the picture) open the SharePoint sites and document libraries as well as OneDrive for business.

open from SharePoint

To get this option you have to use your Office 365 account as Office account, I guess you already are using that as this is how you show that you have a license for Office.
You click then Add a Place in the menu above and you have to validate your account again. If you do this it is a lot easier to integrate SharePoint with Office and open directly from the Office client.

Add a service SP

If you do this you will also be able to use this when you attach files to emails from Outlook in the same way as above. This little trick will make you less dependent on the File Explorer.

The new User Interface(UI) is being rolled out in SharePoint and there is a new start for SharePoint Online. If you click on the SharePoint icon in the App Launcher you will get to a menu that looks something like below(excuse me for the mix of Swedish and English, we messed up when we started the demo tenant of Office 365).


The menu on the left side shows SharePoint sites I follow, latest accessed and links, the links section can be edited(redigera in Swedish). You will also see Commonly used and propositions, as you can see is there a star so you can Follow sites. With this menu you can easily access the sites you often want to access.

These tips are some of the tips I can give you using my services SharePoint mentor, you can read more about this and our training sessions on our website.

Next weeks post will be covering some of the benefits you can get with the Office 365 APIs and SharePoint, I will show you how we focus on API solutions for quickly adding functions to SharePoint Online. With the APIs we can develop SharePoint solutions that we host in Microsoft Azure without using any C# code, we know some of you who have developed solutions for SharePoint will be surprised. Will SharePoint developers in the future have to use C#? What is your opinion, discuss with us on Twitter.