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SharePoint (r)evolution


The past week has been one of the most important weeks for SharePoint. The release of the new SharePoint 2016 and the show, Future of SharePoint led by Microsofts VP for OneDrive and SharePoint Jeff Teper. He sumnarized the news in a blog post on the Office blog.

The changes will in my opinion be more liked by the users than by the developers. The focus is now on UI(User Interface) and finally a good way to adopt SharePoint more to mobile. Today many use 3rd party apps for mobiles and tablets to work with SharePoint. The new UI will create some headache for the developers, many will need to learn new ways of developing. The change is good as the new techniques of developing may be a chance to bring new developers to the SharePoint community. The need for developers is urgent, SharePoint is being used a lot more with the speed of growth that Office 365 has been experiencing.

SharePoint is now one of the more important products in the Microsoft portfolio, the CEO of Microsoft stated in a video this week.

“We are continuing to advance SharePoint, OneDrive and the entire Office 365 service in ways that make productivity even more collaborative, intelligent, mobile and trustworthy.”
—Satya Nadella


The changes that has been coming to SharePoint during the last year has been very big. It is interresting for a product that 18 months ago was concidered to be less important. Many stated that SharePoint would not be talked about other than being a part of Office 365. SharePoint is now 15 years after the first version a product that is not undergoing evolution, it is more like a revolution.

The number of users are growing fast and will most likely do that even more in the future, will SharePoint be around 15 years from now? What do you think? Connect with me on Twitter and Linkedin