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SharePoint pages are vital to SharePoint

O365 redigering sida

Every time you access SharePoint using web browser(best to use Internet Explorer) you do it with a SharePoint page. SharePoint is a web application delivered to users  from IIS(Internet Information Services).

Even accessing a document library is a SharePoint page, the view you see(usually All documents) is a page. Look at the url in the adressbar and you see it ends with .aspx. Every page can be edited, even the document view. Many major companies do edit their pages.

SharePoint branding is big business for SharePoint developers, with the advent of SharePoint online even a headache. Many developers who do branding need to rethink the process. Branding in SharePoint online is not like in SharePoint server. Microsofts constant udates of SharePoint Online are causing headache for developers. It is very common that branding breaks with major updates of SharePoint Online.

Every SharePoint site has its own set of pages, all of them are stored in a document library by the name of Site Pages. Te url of each site for that library ends with /SitePages/Forms/AllPages.aspx . The end of the url is AllPages.aspx in the url, it means all SharePoint pages in that library.

You can edit a SharePoint page without being a developer, some SharePoint consultants call that ”no-code design”. I don´t like and don´t agree that is true! When you edit a page in the web browser you create code period. I can maybee agree to call it ”no-coding design”.

Many who used SharePoint server before have edited pages with SharePoint Designer. If you are using SharePoint version prior to 2013, like 2010 or in worst case 2007 have to rethink. In SharePoint 2013 and Online the possibility to edit pages have been extrenly limited. You have to edit the code directly, in previous you could edit pages more like drag and drop.

If you do want to start editing pages I recommend that you do it in a test-envionment. We at Netintegrate have 3 Office 365 tenants. One for productione, one for demo and one for testing. If you don´t want to setup a new tenent you can setup a separate site collection, what a site collection and the subsites is will be explained in next weeks post.

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