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SharePoint Online more secure than SharePoint Server

SharePoint is the key focus in mine and NetIntegrates business solution. Another key area for us is security, the information that are stored in SharePoint is many times sensitive.
To control how users are working with the information Microsoft has many security features. Some features are only available to SharePoint Online, some of the features are more easily configured in SharePoint Online.

Many organizations that yet have not moved their SharePoint to the cloud are afraid of security issues. I argue that this fear is based on not knowing what is possible. The only issue that these organizations have are that they know where the servers are placed with SharePoint Server. The information is not secure when it is stored internally and later emailed out of the organization.

Some features that I have written posts about before are,

Microsoft is now rolling out yet another security feature that will make SharePoint Online even more secure, the Conditional Access feature. With this new feature that will come to SharePoint Online will make it possible to restrict from what IP-addresses (Networks) the users can access SharePoint Online. This will make it possible for the organization to block users from accessing SharePoint Online outside of the companies network. This will make SharePoint Online as more secure as SharePoint on-premise, and with the features above from earlier posts, SharePoint Online will be even more secure.

Important to remember for administrators, when you set this feature don´t forget to add the IP-address of your network. If you don´t even access to SharePoint Administration Center will be lost, even for Powershell! If you do the mistake the only way out is to contact Microsoft Office 365 support and request them to restore the access. This feature does not require the license of Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) or Azure Active Directory Premium that is part of EMS.

With EMS the administrators can set Conditional Access restriction for Exchange Online and On-premises, Skype for business and if the organization is using Dynamics CRM even that service can be blocked. These restrictions are not on IP-networks yet, the access can be set for certain groups and types of devices. I wrote yet in the last sentence as I presume the restriction based on IP will come sometime in the future for Exchange, Skype and CRM.

The new security feature will be very good for organizations that store PII (Personally Identiable Information) on EU citizens, with the upcoming GDPR this feature may be used by some organizations.

To store sensitive documents classified by AIP in SharePoint Online with Conditional Access are organizations even more compliant in SharePoint Online than SharePoint On-premise.