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SharePoint Online development the new way

Development for SharePoint is a task that has been harder for customers that use Office 365. Microsoft even has created guidelines to refrain from too much development.

Traditionally developers would create extensively coded solutions for SharePoint that would include access to the SharePoint database and a lot of branding. This is not possible with SharePoint Online as you don´t have access to the SQL database and Microsoft is constantly upgrading. The developers would usually code with a .net SDK(Software Development Kit).

With the new guidelines you are not bound to use SDKs anymore, the modern development can be done using REST APIs. If these are based on JSON (a JavaScript method) the developer can use any coding language. Developers can now create SharePoint solutions coding in any of these languages

  • Android
  • Angular
  • iOS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  • Xamarin


Many experienced .net developers have a new learning curve to be up-to date with the new way of coding for SharePoint. This opens the door for new developers to code solutions.

The new way is to code is by Microsoft Graph API that is consistent for all features of Office 365. More can be read on Microsoft site that unfortunately is a lot technical.

What are the business benefits with development based on Microsoft’s Graph API?

  • Solutions that requires less development time.
  • Solutions that can integrate with other API-based applications.
  • Solutions that can involve several features of Office 365.
  • Access the search index of the Office 365 databases and populate the information on SharePoint pages.
  • Solutions such as fetching calendar events from Exchange calendar and displaying the information on SharePoint.

These are just samples and the limitations are small in what can be done. Below is a diagram of a solution for the Swedish system for Bookkeeping Fortnox.





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