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SharePoint lists and pages

SharePoint is not a replacement for a file server! It is an Intranet with many different types of content, unfortunately is the most common content documents in SharePoint Online.
I say it is like moving a filing cabinet in an 18-meter long truck. SharePoint is a lot bigger and with a lot more potential.

Last week I wrote about Flow and PowerApps, these 2 features can easily be used for another building block of SharePoint namely Lists. A SharePoint list can replace the lists many users use Microsoft Excel for. To use a webbased list in SharePoint is an easier way to collaborate than Excel. In fact you can import an Excel list directly into SharePoint. So what are the business benefits of Excel lists?

  • Easier sharing and co-editing of information in the list.
  • No need to have Excel to read or update.
  • Easier to control permissions.
  • No need of sharing attachments of Excel files.
  • Easy editing using a mobile device.
  • Always working on the same list.
  • Can be extended with Flow and PowerApps for business process automation.
  • Contents of Lists are indexed and made searchable in SharePoint.

A document library is actually a list of pointers to where the document is stored, so you are already working with lists. The best way to create a list is to use the template Custom list that contains one column named Title. You can add as many columns of different types as you want, with too many columns will you have to scroll left to show the information.

When you have made lists and document libraries these can be shown on web pages in SharePoint, the page that is shown when you go to a SharePoint site is a page that can be edited.
To edit a page in SharePoint Online is easy if you don´t expect a grand UI design. In SharePoint Online I recommend not to do any customization that needs coding. Microsoft’s all Office 365 services are constantly updated. The updates may cause your coded design to be broken after an update of SharePoint Online. You as a customer or even we as Microsoft partners don´t know when updates are rolled out.

To show what you can do with SharePoint that suites your needs is best done in a meeting, the best way to meet nowadays is through Skype for business. Drop us an email and we will setup a meeting.