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SharePoint has a new look and feel


SharePoint Online is changing the look and feel in your Office 365. The new User Interface(UI) will take aa while to get used to, so start now to explore it now. I will guide you to the new look and feel in some short way. I appoligize that some of the pictures are in Swedish, our demo Office 365 was first setup in Swedish and it is sometimes hard to change the language fully. It is not enough with changing the users language.

The new start is to use the menu in the top left Office 365 menu, some people call it the waffle(it may look as a waffle). The SharePoint tile will lead you to the picture above as astart to exxplore SharePoint. You can add sites that you follow(Följer in Swedísh), see latest accessed SharePoint sites(Senaste in Swedish) and links(Länkar in Swedish).  The links can be edited(Redigera in Swedish) by an administrator. The tile in the menu was previously named Sites and is now named what it really is, SharePoint.

The new look is being rolled out to all users of Office 365 now, the ones who are part of the first release program has had this new UI for a couple of months. It is not only the Sites page that has changed. It is supposed to be more mobile-friendly but still has some enhamcements to be released. See the same menu in an Iphone 6 as above.


The new UI for document libraries is changing to be more of the same look as OneDrive. It will be easier once you are comfortable with the new UI, for those of us who have been using Office 365 and SharePoint Online for a while. For those that are new to SharePoint Online it will be easier to start using SharePoint with the new UI. Below is a picture of the new UI.


Some of the new good features are that you can make it easier to navigate using the new features.

  • Ability to pin Documents a top of the library.
  • Right-click on a document to get the extended menu you used to get by clickung on the ellipses (…)
  • Ability to drag and drop documents in grouped library views. This will ease the use of Content Types and site columns.
  • Easier to edit the documents properties.

There are some issues as well with the new UI that I know Microsoft is working on to fix.

  • Harder to find the views and Library settings.
  • The new UI will disrupt navigation in publishing SharePoint sites, especially if you use the Top navigation bar.
  • If your SharePoint consultant have made some major changes to the UI, it may be blocking you.

The lesson is to start using the new UI and getting used to it. For the administrators I suggest you start using at least 2 more tenants of Office 365, one for demo and one for testing.

Nest weeks post is about the new sync client for OneDrive for business. The new client can not be used for syncing SharePoint at the moment, that will change in the end of 2016. I will show you how you can use the old and the new client side-by-side.