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SharePoint development without C#, is that possible?

API O355

Microsoft has changed their mind quite a lot in the last years. This week they introduced support for Powershell in Linux. That has caused a lot of debate in the Linux community, those who do all they can to avoid Microsoft do only want to add it as an extension. While others argue it should be included in the core of the Linux project.

Another big change Microsoft has been working on for the last couple of years is to develop APIs, some of them built on .net and some including Powershell. The big change is that these APIs make it possible to create solutions without writing C# code. Office 365 and SharePoint is among the Microsoft products that have been enhanced with APIs. These APIs are open to be using any coding language.

If you don´t know what an API is you can for a start read what has been shared on Wikipedia. You can always search on the web, or do connect with us on Twitter. The increased number of API is crucial to Microsoft, I believe that any Software company that do not deliver open APIs will soon be out of business. Their are so many vendors that make their APIs open to the public to use, I see some companies who try to keep their APIs closed. My advice to them is to rethink your decision, you will loose business by having proprietary solutions. That was very popular in the -90´s, and today it should be obsolete to make such a decision.

What is the customer benefit of API development?

  • Develop APIs will make it easier to integrate data from different sources. Accounting, CRM and Business Intelligence are some of these sources.
  • Faster adoption to new requirements by not having to create a whole new version of a system.
  • Device in-dependency is another benefit, users can access and retrieve data from any device.
  • APIs are more easy to update than software development kits(SDK) for the vendor.
  • Developing using APIs is faster! (I know I will be questioned from older developers by this, I don´t believe I am wrong).
  • Companies don´t have to throw all their old applications out at once.
  • With in-dependency of coding language will the number of developers a company can hire or contract be bigger. Cost-saving or faster start of projects.

For developers who do not use API or know how-to, it was time to start yesterday! Microsoft has a lot of good resources for API knowledge, they even have a great podcast that now is on eåisode 102!

For companies to get to know more about API are we planning some webinars, seminars and even a training session. We plan one training for project leaders and BDMs(Business Decision Makers), the topic will be  ”What do you as a BDM or project leader have to know to staff your Office 365 team?”

Next weeks post will most likely be the last written post on the blog, I plan to start producing video posts with a brief summary in text. I am going to invest a lot of time this fall on producing videos, hosting webinars. I have been schedule to speak on the online conference Collab365, a 24-hour event online and my topic is about practical implementation of the GDPR you should have started yesterday! I pan to be part of other events covering my areas of interest. I will be together with my fellow board members of CSA Sweden promote security issues and work to be done on GDPR, IoT and how to exit cloud.