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Security is one of the main USPs for Microsoft Cloud

For companies that use Office 365 in their business and have spiced it with EMS(Emterprise Mobility Suite) one of the main benefits are the Security & Compliance feature.

Companies can manage access and create reports that will assist them in being compliant with the upcoming GDPR. To control not only computers are vital in the mobility explosion that employees demand for working flexible.

The features that are present(at the moment) in Office 365 are these

  • Create and view alerts such as when a user or an administrator modifies files, permissions and many more features.
  • Assign permissions for whom in the organisation that can perform task in the Security & Compliance center.
  • Threat management for devices, content in mails or documents, both filtering and data loss prevention. This is extremely important for GDPR compliance.
  • Anti-malware management for securing users from malware and viruses.
  • Data governance for importing data such as emails and documents, archiving emails and manage retention of data.
  • Search of Content, Audit log, Quarantine and eDiscovery. To be able to control who and when data was accessed or an administrator performed a task.
  • The Search can also be configured so an external  part can obtain the reports, such as the Microsoft partner who are your support partner for Office 365 or your auditor.
  • In the admin center for Security & Compliance you will also find links to all reports and audits Microsoft has for their Office 365 and other Cloud services.

With the EMS your organisation will as well get many security benefits in Azure Active Directory(AD) as they will get the premium version of Azure AD. I will next week guide you what these benefits are.

If you do want to guidance on GDPR or practical Cloud Security visit our website