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Secure your users access to Office 365

With the upcoming EU regulation for data privacy the need to control your users use of the cloud service Office 365 is important. The best add-on from Microsoft for this is Enterprise Mobilitity+Security(EMS). There are many features you get with EMS so I recommend to start with Multi-factor Authentication(MFA) and Azure Information Protection(AIP).

Both of these services do require you to perform actions together with your users that may seem hard for them to perform on their own.

MFA requires the user to setup an extra level of authentication, usually their mobile number so they can get an one-time passcode when signing in to any Office 365 application. After the initial setup are the users ready to go. Most users are familiar with this and do not see this as any problem. The benefit for your users and your company is the extra security that makes it harder for data breach when passwords are stolen from other databases and spread over Internet.

AIM is now both the classification and the former Azure Rights Management Service(RMS) in one add-on. AIM is a plug-in for Office that any user can freely download from Microsoft. WIth a subscription for EMS you  can start using AIM directly, without EMS you can start a 30-day trial of AIM or EMS. AIM can be purchased as a separate add-on. With AIM your users can classify data directly in the client but more important to start with is the ability to send emails to a recipient outside of the company and restrict them from forwarding the message. The classification part of AIM was described in an earlier post if you need to learn more you can get in contact with us at NetIntegrate.

EMS contains several other features that I will cover in future posts, some of these are.

  • Logging of security issues such as leaked credentials and suspicious logons using Azure Active Directory Premium.
  • Managing all devices that access Office 365 using Microsoft Intune.
  • Azure conditional access that I wrote about in last weeks post.

I will add more features of EMS to future posts about securing your organization towards GDPR. When you need assistance with EMS and other security services for Office 365 you can contact us.


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