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Project Online or Project Server


Are you using Project Server today and consider to be moving to Project Online?

Project Online is becoming more used by companies to better document their projects. Some of them move from Project Server to Project Online. I can surely understand the plan since it will be more flexible and easier to manage. The task to migrate will be a big step, you simply can´t backup the database and copy to Microsoft’s Cloud. You most likely need to use 3rd party tools to migrate the data.

The work is in itself a big project that needs to be managed as an IT-project and together with the business users. The amount of work is always underestimated when a company is migrating. That is if they switch from own servers to the cloud or even from own servers to outsourcing. In both scenarios the company need to rely on consultants or the outsourcing company.

So what is the difference with Project Online and Project Server? The biggest difference is that with Project Server you are more in control of the environment. You control when to update, when and what to backup and where your data is stored. Project Online is like Project server an application that lives inside and together with SharePoint. The same limitations that are valid for SharePoint does apply to Project Online.

I recommend a thorough investigation before you decide what path to take with Project Online/server.

For you that are still not using Project Online or Server, start looking into it now! It is a very good tool for a company to control your projects. Project is superior as tool to answer the questions what, who and when should a task be performed.

With Project Online(and server) you get a dashboard view of your projects. Below is a screenshot from our trial for Project Online.

Project view

When you create or import a project you get a choice of creating a task list in SharePoint or a full project site. When you create a site you get a lot of SharePoint webparts. The SharePoint site for the project contains of webparts such as

  • Calendar
  • Document library
  • Deliverables list
  • Issues list
  • Risk list

As it is a SharePoint site you can do the same customization with a Project Online site as a SharePoint site. All the benefits and limitations are the same.

I highly recommend that you use the slower days at the office to look into a guide for Project Online. You can get assistance from us at NetIntegrate even during the summer.