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Powerapps and Flow are most welcome

Business Process Automation(BPA) is gaining in adoption for many organisations. In Office 365 it is possible to perform BPA using PowerApps and Flow, often in a combination.

To increase profitability in an organisation many manual activities involving processing of information can be automated. WIth the combination of PowerApps and Flow these activities can be entered in mobile-friendly PowerApps that can be connected with Flows. The action that is needed to take can be performed in the Flow.

At first glance it may seem easy to work with designing solutions that involve PowerApps and Flow. To create user-friendly working solutions you are in need of a developer or at least a person with developer skills. It is not enough you also need a resource with skills to understand and convert business needs of automation to tasks for a developer-minded consultant.

If you want to ”cheat” there are many samples you can use both for PowerApps and Flow. For those who want to make their own more or less complex, you can look at the list of what connectors are available for PowerApps open in new tab and for Flow you can find the information here.

The use of both PowreApps and Flow are good usage for the new way of developing for SharePoint Online, many solutions can be tailor-made for the customer in a new fast and efficient way. This without any old traditional .net-coding even in SharePoint.

The new way of developing is a lot quicker to develop and a lot of potential for faster response times.

The only draw-back we see is that there is still some features missing that was possible to perform earlier with Workflow and Infopath.