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Planinng for migrating to SharePoint

 SharePoint Online is no fileserver!

Are you planning to migrate your fileshare to SharePoint, my advice is that you should not do a 100% migration by copying all the files using the file explorer. Many organisations with Office 365 are now ready to start using SharePoint. Up until now they have ”only” used E-mail and the Office programs, in some organisations even Skype for business.
If you don´t use SharePoint and/or OneDrive you are paying for good features for digital collaboration that you don´t use.

In fact when working with SharePoint you should not at all use the file explorer, are you ready to ditch the file explorer?


There is a lot of actions to do prior to migrating, all activities are solved by planning and testing. You should not consider SharePoint implementation as an IT-project, it is a business project delivered on IT. With Office 365 it is very easy to start using SharePoint. It is unfortunately easy to get bad experiences with SharePoint. Some organisations have been assisted to re-do their structure in SharePoint with the aid from us.

In this post I will give you some good tips for the planning you have to do before you start using SharePoint. These are the main issues that all organisations have to go through, it is not a complete list of pre-implementation tasks.

  • Did you already signup for Office 365? If not do be careful with the naming, SharePoint will be named This name cannot be changed!
  • Do you really need to have all the files moved into SharePoint from the fileserver? You could have an archive SharePoint site if you need all the files.
  • Are you and your colleagues ready to ditch the file explorer? Open documents and files directly from Office or from the SharePoint web-UI.
  • Do you plan to only use the default SharePoint site ( Don´t do it, you will create an administrative nightmare.
  • How many different permissions do you plan on? All items/files inherit the permissions from the top and down.
  • Are you planning to break permissions? Try as hard as possible to avoid it, it will be an administrative nightmare that will require many hours of work to govern.
  • Do not give permissions to users, create Azure AD groups to assign permissions. I have customers that created the CEO group with the CEO as the only member, you can change CEO.
  • Do you have a plan for using Office 365 groups? In the future almost everything will be based on Office 365 Groups.
  • Do you need extra security for accessing documents? Subscribe to at least E3 and advisably EMS, you can do a lot with Conditional Access and IRM .
  • Do you plan to copy documents using the file explorer? Don’t do it, you will lose the date the file changed and the author of the last changes.
  • Plan to use a migration tool, you can purchase one or actually subscribe. The best way is to use a consultant for the upload with ready-made Scripts to automate the upload.
  • Do you want to categorize documents? The use of metadata can give you a well-structured tool for digital collaboration with great options to search.

These are some of the tips we always tell our customers before migration, the planning for this is best done by yourself, if you need more assistance contact us.