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OneDrive for business and OneDrive is not the same product


You are not alone if you are not aware that the two OneDrive is not the same product. Many are troubled with what the difference is between OneDrive for business and OneDrive. The only common thing is that you can store files and that they have the same name. They are not different versions of the same product, they are two different products.

OneDrive is the consumer/private product is accessed by your Microsoft Account(former Live, MSN, Hotmail) and the service is free for a limited amount of storage, you can purchase extra storage. The extra storage is included in some of the consumer license forms of Office 365 (the Office suite of programs). The Microsoft Account is a private account and cannot be part of a corporate  Windows domain, the company can not control the accounts and access. If you have the ”free” service gives you no right to get priority service and you can not demand uptime of the service. The service shall not be used for any organisation that depend on the documents stored, not even sports clubs or other non-profit organisations.

OneDrive for Business is a part of the professional licenses of Office 365 and can be subscribed for by even non-profit organisations. You can get these at no cost if you qualify for the non-profit program from Microsoft. OneDrive for business is based on Microsoft SharePoint Online and have the same functionality as SharePoint. OneDrive for business is included in most of the license forms of Office 365 for business users and can be added if your company only has mailbox service with Exchange Online.

Many want to synchronize all they store in OneDrive even the business product. I recommend most users not to do that, many users don´t have space for performing that on their laptops. With the growing amount of laptops delivered with faster SSD disks have ended up with smaller disks on laptops. Another drawback of synchronizing is that a lot of data is transmitted to and from the employees computers and on occasions the employees are  connected using mobile services with data transfer limitations.

There is a new synchronization tool for OneDrive for business that at the moment does not allow users to sync from SharePoint, and I don´t recommend it anyway as usually are SharePoint used to store many files in many different libraries. The synchronization toll will be extremly busy and it may cause some problems if the synchronization fails.