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onedrive and onedrive for business are not the same product

I wrote a post almost 3 years ago in Swedish what is the difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for business. The important is that these are not the same product even though they have almost the same name. Unfortunately did not Microsoft listen to the IT pro community when they had to change the name from SkyDrive when they lost a court battle. It would have been good if the two products had different names.

So what is the difference between the 2 products? The picture shown below shows some of the differences.

I can list a couple more differences

  • OneDrive for business is a product you can´t get for free, it is a paid subscription either by itself or as a part of Office 365.
  • OneDrive for business as a paid subscription gives you support options and SLA(Service Level Agreement) even on phone.
  • With OneDrive (Consumer) you get no phone support and SLA.
  • With OneDrive for business you can get extra security features such as DLP(Data Loss Prevention) and Conditional Access. These are good for GDPR compliance.
  • OneDrive for business is accessed with an Office 365 account and OneDrive consumer with a Microsoft account.

Both of the products give you a possibility to sync the files to your laptop, it used to be 2 different desktop clients for syncing since beginning of this year it is one sync client software.

I experienced a lot of issues for customers with syncing files from OneDrive for business, the old client was based on a technique for syncing that was outdated and full of issues.
When the new client is installed the problems have gone away, I know a lot of customers had problems with installing the new client software and getting rid of the old client.

With the new client you can sync not only the two OneDrive products but as well SharePoint Online. The synced files will show up as three different groups of files in the File Explorer.
Below you can see my 3 different groups for SharePoint, OneDrive for business and OneDrive personal. In each group are the different libraries and folders showing up.
It is not all of the folders and libraries, it is the ones you choose. You can select and deselect what you sync, if you deselect