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Office 365 without training the end users is a road to failure

Organisations who migrate to Office 365 have to train their end users in handling the new tools of Office 365. This is noty just for Office 365 that training is needed, with Offic 365 is is crucial.

Using the services is different way from what users are expecting, most users do not expect changes to be so big. The constant evolution of Office 365 will make users disappointed if they do not get sufficiently trained. I have seen many organisations that start to use Office 365 not being offered training when they migrate from the old way of working. The change is so big that it confuses the users. I don´t like when resellers of Microsoft thinks it is just selling licenses like we have done for decades. That thinking is not benefiting their customers, the organisations that move to Office 365 will get many problems to face. Some of these are the ones below.

  • Users who are being less productive due to confusion and lack of guidance.
  • The organisation will pay far too much for support from their Office 365 reseller.
  • The users will not work all in the same way, and end up with less collaboration than before.
  • Not using the best service of Office 365 for solving the business need.

Many organisations feel they can´t let their users be on a training for training, the employees should be working with their tasks for their customers instead. This is especially for senior consultants as they are used to have a high rate of productive hours per consultant during the week. I do understand their concern that having their top consultants spend 2 hours on training may hurt their rate of productive hours per consultant.

The fact is the other way around, if the organisation offer their employees a training to be working efficiently with Office 365 their employees may be less productive. Most of the organisations claim their employees are the greatest resource and still they do not invest in keeping the greatest asset in being more productive. I wrote a post over a year ago on this blog about ”Why I do what I do”  In that post I give some numbers on what an organisation can gain from training their end users.

Training may be looked upon as a cost of doing business and a potential of cost-cut when the organisation wants to increase profit by cutting the cost, I have adopted my reasoning sometimes and named it ”competence development” instead of training. For some CxO´s training is a negative word as they only see the cost and not the raised competence for their staff.

I have conducted many trainings for new Office 365 users and are fortunate to have many assignments during the coming months. Not only training new users to Office 365 but as well users who have been working but in the most efficient way with Office 365. By working efficiently you as a user can be productive enough to do more in less time. With that you can free up more time to do other things that you like.

For myself that is travelling to ski resorts now in the winter time and for other seasons it is other outdoor activities as hiking in the woods for a day making lunch and relaxing. What is your retreat that you want to pursue more when you get more competent and self-assure with working with Office 365?