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Office 365 Video service is a mix of SharePoint Online and Azure


One of the forgotten services of Office 365 is the Video, above is an excert of the videos we have produced at NetIntegrate for our customers. We have a separate support SharePoint site that we share with our customers that subscribe to Office 365 through us.

The video feature is a mix of SharePoint Online and Azure Media service. The portal interface is in a SharePoint Online Site Collection you reach from the app launcher using the Video icon. The videos are stored in SharePoint but rendered and distributed by the Azure Media Service. The user and even the administrator do not need to manage Azure, in fact you don´t need an Azure subscription.

We at NetIntegrate have used another service that is not that known as well, we use Office Mix to produce the videos. Office Mix is a cost-free addon to PowerPoint. You can use it to produce videos that are stored in PowerPoint files or can be rendered as MP4 files with a possibility to upload them directly to Office 365 Video or Youtube and Office Mix.

When you have the videos stored and produced in Office365 is it poossible to add them to a SharePoint page. Consuming the videos is easy for your users.

I am surprised that many companies subscribe to Officxe 365 and don´t use all the services they get in the package, many only use mail and Office client programme. I hope that you by now have read enough to start using Video. If you still don´t know enough can we setup a Skype session with you and in 15 minutes show you more.