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New sync client for OneDrive

OneDriveMicrosoft has released a new sync client for OneDrive.

Yes it is a universal sync client for business and consumer version. The old sync client for Onederive for business and SharePoint, has been a big issue for concern. Microsoft has put a lot of manhours in creating a new client, the old one is based on an old software by the name of Groove. Many users have complained to their IT consultants or staff. The limitations have been huge and the problems even bigger. Many in the SharePoint community have even told customers to use Dropbox instead.

The new sync client is now rolled out to most of the users, unless some IT staff has blocked it. I hear a lot of complains in the IT community, about how much support they have to do with sync OneDrive. I have tested the new sync client since the first day it came out. Unfortunately were Microsoft a bit fast in rolling out the new client. In the first beta release was the installation a nightmare, even for an experienced IT-guy like myself. I had to uninstall the old client and make some changes to the Windows configuration database(registry), the install the new client. I was not happy as the new client cannot sync anything else in Office 365 and SharePoint other than OneDrive! How did the development team and the product manager think! Not like most of their customers, many customers are syncing some of their SharePoint document libraries. I simply don´t understand why the users do it and why we in It let them do it.

I now from 10 years experience with SharePoint that all companies have a lot of documents in their libraries. Many of those are old and not used for quite a while. Still do the users want to have everything synced to their PCs, these are in most of the cases laptops and the new ones with SSD discs. With limited amount of storage for the user, syncing to a laptop with a 128 GB SSD drive is not a good thing to do.

I have discussed with users and with colleagues in the business about why syncing everything. The answer is almost all the time ”the users wants to”. The user always wants some behaviors that are not best practice. It is our task to instruct the users that the behavior will cause problems, we are the experts and should be the trusted advisor.

Luckily will the issue of syncing a limited subset of files be possible in the new client. I hope my colleagues in the IT business installs the new client the correct way. We also have to instruct the users how to work using best practice. The new client is quite easy to setup the right way by going to the settings section. Go to choose folders and select the folders to be synced.


There is a big limitation at the moment with the new client, it does not sync SharePoint document libraries. The good thing is that the new client can be installed side-by side with the old client. So the users can sync both OneDrive and SharePoint documents at the same time. The new client will be updated during third quarter of 2016.