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New Office 365 features demands new way of working

One of the new features that recently have been added is the autosave of files using the Office client software delivered with Office 365. This new feature is good in the fact that it directly autosaves the file you are working on. This will affect you in how you work, you will have to change the way you work,

You can no longer open a file that is the same as the new file you are creating unless you directly saves the file with the new name. This has to be done before you change anything in the file.
It is common to open up a customer quotation or meeting notes from another customer and start to change the text before you save the file. With the autosave feature you will change the file that you used as a template. I will describe the process in steps what is usual.

  1. You open a file that is a quotation or meeting notes from another customer or meeting.
  2. You start to edit the file and when you are done editing you save the file with a new name.
  3. You send the file to the recipient.
  4. When someone else wants to have the file you go back and find the file name and send the file to the recipient.

What is wrong with this way of working with the new autosave feature?

In step 2 is where things go wrong, as you have not saved the file with a new name you are editing the file that you opened as a template.

In step 4 you are sending a file that has the right name but may have another content, in worst case you will send the wrong quotation to a customer!


OneDrive Files On-demand is soon to be sent out to users of Office 365 with Windows 10. This is a good feature as it will make it easier for users to work with OneDrive from the File Explorer.
The way you work will have to change if you low working from the File Explorer and have all files synced, with the new feature you will not sync the file content. The only you sync is the folder content of files but not the content of the file.

If you still feel you need to have the file content synced you need to actively see that the file content, this can be done on file or folder level. If you need to read more about this you can find a guide with video from Microsoft


These are some of the many changes that has been asked for by Office 365 users.