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My Christmas wishes for SharePoint Online

I have had a fantastic year filled with experiences with assisting customers in working with SharePoint. I have had may be amazed of what they can do with SharePoint to not only use SharePoint as a document storage. The use of SharePoint as an Intranet has been boosted by the new UI design and Communication Sites.

There are a lot of improvements being rolled out if you want to stay updated with what is coming for SharePoint Online the best soruce is the filtered Office 365 Roadmap. I have had many requests for some other enhancements during the year for SharePoint Online. One of the improvements I would love to see is the ability to easier save documents from Outlook directly into SharePoint.

What is the problem of saving documents directly into SharePoint? It is now easy to perform it through any Office program and some PDF readers. It is also possible to save atatchments with 3rd party applications, however the way forward would be to integrate full feature in Outlook. During the year Microsoft lauched an enhancement to Outlook to save to OneDrive or Group files, when writing I see that I am not having this feature anymore(maybe I need to reinstall Office?)

My Christmas wish for Microsoft is to start looking into saving attachements from Outlook directly to SharePoint, I just voted for a request at SharePoint uservoice for this, Uservoice is where requests are to be added for being considered by Microsofts product teams.

I know there are other ways of saving directly to SharePoint those are not user friendly. Some of the onces are

  • Syncing documents with OneDrive client, this has been a lot easier with Windows 10 1709 release. Still it is not a good solution for those with many Site Collections.
  • Using webdav and even map SharePoint as a shared drive. This is not a good solution as the connection times out and requires the use of Internet Explorer for serup.
  • Save to computer and drag into or upload to SharePoint.
  • Use a 3rd party tool such as or others. This is a possible solution and even one I have installed for some customers, it is an add-in to Outlook with a cost.

The hurdles to save attachments from Outlook to SharePoint will make it is easier to get more users to love SharePoint the way I do.

I have during the year been a part of sending out new people in the SharePoint Community as a teacher (as consultant) on a vocational school in Stockholm. When I start the year with the students I told them, ”if you want to be good working with SharePoint you have to eat, bread and think SharePoint”. When I attended their graduation a week ago did the students remember this statement.

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas, please check in next week at New Years eve for my post of my thoughts on the future of SharePoint.