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More security settings with OneDrive for business


New feature in preview to control OneDrive for business(OD4B).

This wweek a new features was added that will assist many organisations to keep information safe inside the company. With Office 365 each user by default get a 1 TB storage limit for personal (work-related?) files in OD4B. This can create a big challenge for security-aware organisations to be able to control how users access their ”personal files”. I know that many users see their OD4B as personal-private file storage. The organisation here has to setup a policy what their users are allowed to store in their OD4B. Up until now it has been hard to enforce and control those policies.

With the new feature the organisation can easily control and enforce what the users can do with their OD4B, they can even control on what device and where they can access their personal files. The feature is for an administrator accessible using This feature is in preview(beta) so don´t expect it to work fully and it may even be changed during the previed. I urge all my colleagues in business that are administering Office 365 to evaluate this feature in their test-tenant(I hope you have one and don´t test in your production!). When you test it and find any changes and errors I urge you to report them to Microsoft. This way Microsoft will collect enough comments so they may add your request to the production version of Admin center for OD4B.

What can you do at the moment with the admin center?
  • Set sharing options for files, if you allow to share outside of the organisation.
  • Set security for sync of files on OD4B, you can even block users to sync files or only from domain-joined devices.
  • Set default size of your users OD4B and set how long files are kept after a user is deleted from your tenant.
  • Set how devices can access OD4B, from certain IP-adresses and how you can block what can be done from mobile devices.
  • Set compliance such as DLP(Data Loss prevention) for OD4B files.

There are some other security settings you can do with the use of PowerShell. All organisations that administer Office 365 should have inhouse competence of PowerShell. I would go so far that if you are working as a IT-pro with any Microsoft product and you don´t know what PowerShell can do you have to spend time during the X-mas and New Years break to get skilled with PowerShell.

The features that adminsitrators of Office 365 and OD4B now gets with OneDrive for business admin center it will be easier to adopt to the EU data protection regulation(GDPR).

This will be the last blog post before Christmas, next weeks blog post will be as always posted on Christmas day at 3 p.m. CET, of course will it be scheduled. I will most likely write the post on friday the 23rd of December. If you would like to make a wish on what I should write about I am open until Wednesday evening for topics.


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