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Microsoft Azure is more than virtual servers


A big misunderstanding is that Microsoft Azure is for virtual servers. Yes, that is one of the services out of many. More services are added every month to Azure. Many customers are moving over to be using Azure. It is being used for so many things other than moving servers to the cloud.

Another misunderstanding is that customers don´t want to sign up for an account. The fact is that if you have Office 365 you already have an account. All the users are part of Azure Active directory, included with the Office 365 subscription. If the company wants to use Azure for more services they need to add payment. This can be done in more ways than just a credit card. Just contact your Microsoft partner and they will assist you.

A few of the services that can be used by most of the companies are storage, web services and backup. There is also a marketplace for Microsoft partners to add services that Microsoft will assist you in selling all over the world. New services are added to the marketplace in a rapid pace.

Azure storage is a service that can be used for storing files, media(pictures, movies and sound) and many more. Images(discs) for Virtual machines are stored in Azure storage. To access the storage there is both Microsoft clients and 3rd party clients. There are clients for Mac and Linux.

Azure web services is a very much used service that is not communicated enough. Many companies are using this to setup scalable websites in several regions. Since Azure is now publicly available in 22 datacenters in all continents it is easy to scale websites. If a company expects thousands of users a day in each continent it is a good usage for Azure webservices. Especially if the company is running a time-limited campaign. Or if the service is low on data transfer and high on number of users, such as Internet of Things(IoT). I can see that many of Microsoft partners and a few employees are hosting their Worpress-site in Azure. It is one of the services available from the marketplace.


Azure backup is a service that was developed to be used for backing up virtual servers hosted in Azure. The service are also used to backup locally installed servers. Azure backup can as well be used for backing up Windows clients. Do you want to be safe now when the summer is arriving? Signup for Azure backup now and feel at ease during the vacation.


I will in the future add more about the services available in Azure, our focus at NetIntegrate is to promote place-independent business. Our mission is to, ”Deploy packaged and developed solutions delivered through Microsoft Cloud services, for companies to digitally collaborate regardless of place and time.