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Microsoft dedicated to assist partners and customers with GDPR

Microsoft as a global Cloud service company are bound to adopt to GDPR and to all security and privacy issues. Microsoft invests over 1 Billion US dollar annually on security.

The amount of information and guidelines that Microsoft is producing on security and compliance work is huge. Also for their work on GDPR.

Almost 2 weeks ago published Microsoft a blog post about the work with GDPR, in the post you can read guidelines and links to detailed information. One of the links is to a web resource that has been available for a long time, the Microsoft Security trust center. In the trust center the information is presented in sections by product or by role you as the reader have in your organization. Some of the sections you can find are the ones listed below

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Compliance
  • Threat management
  • Product related security

Microsoft is bound to assist customers with being GDPR compliant, the cloud services are being improved all the time. Some of thelast years improvements that are good for companies with their work with GDPR are the ones below.

  • Azure Information Protection(AIP) is a plug-in to office for direct classification of information in office files.
  • Customer lockbox is an add-on to Office 365 for a company to lock out the Microsoft support to access the data without consent from the customer.
  • Windows 10 has a lot of improvements for security, this may be a separate blog post in the future. Read more about Windows 10 security.
  • Some of the information on trust center is locked for customers of Office 365 and can be released after accepting an NDA.

Microsoft partners will be able to work tightly together with Microsoft to assist the customers with the path to GDPR compliance. Together with the assistance from Microsoft are once again the Swedish Chapter of IAMCP(International Association of Microsoft Partners) leading the work for its members. In IAMCP Sweden we offer a series of 6 workshops for a now fully booked group of members on how to assist the compliance for their customers. It is a mix of legal and practical guidelines and a ”homework” for the participants between the workshops.

The work that needs to be done for GDPR compliance is not possible to be done by only legal teams or only by IT-consultants. All of us have to work together. I am working a lot with GDPR as you can see on this blog, follow my blog and my posts on Linkedin and Twitter.