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Management of Office 365 is best performed using PowerShell

Managing Office 365 using GUI(Graphical User Interface) is a task for a very small company and definitely not a Microsoft partner should use in 2017. Like many other Microsoft solutions is the best practice to manage Office 365 using PowerShell. With the new features coming to Office 365 for especially Groups it is a nightmare to administer Office 365 without PowerShell.

For managing users are Microsoft moving over to managing users in Azure Active Directory even for the GUI and especially using PowerShell. Many configurations can only be performed using PowerShell especially the new features for Office 365 Groups. To stay away from using PowerShell as an IT technician today is almost to ask for being redundant. I have unfortunately had discussions with experienced technicians that are not willing to learn the new way of administering. The new way is also new for those who have been used to the Office 365 Admin Console.

To administer users today you have to be switching over to the new Azure AD Portal for all user and group configurations for single users. if the administrator want to configure several users or groups it is best to use PowerShell. With the new Azure AD Portal the administrator can get a better overview of the users, groups, licenses, domains and many more features.
The administrator can also view reports, if the company has EMS(Enterprise Mobility + Services) the Azure AD will have premium features such as more logging and a good security feature I have written about earlier namely Conditional Access.

To administer many users the preferable tool is PowerShell. To get the latest beta(public preview) use the link, There is also some ”non-public” previews, when I write this the latest preview is version