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Mail filters in Office 365

With the EU Data Privacy regulation GDPR the need to control what is sent outside of the organisation is increasing. For companies with Office 365 it is possible to create filters to block emails containing PII(Personally Identifiable Information). Above is an example of a filter that rejects sending emails containing Swedish National ID or Swedish Passport numbers. These 2 criteria are a standard template that is added to the Office 365 administration of Exchange Online. The possible actions are not only to reject the message, it can be to send the email for approval to a compliance officer or just a tip to the user that this is possibly violating the company security guidelines.

The possible filters that can be programmed are such as an email containing filterable information or the recipient is in a certain email-domain. See picture below for options.

The possible actions is not only to reject message, you can add recipients, disclaimer message and others. See the picture below for options.

Creating filters except for the templates may be needed to further control what information that is being sent out of the organisation. this can be done with some knowledge about logic programming. Your company can get assistance in creating such rules by us, we can even train you to be competent to handle this on your own.


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