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Lock your Office 365 users to only access services from the office

Office 365 can be made very secure service, even more secure than most non-cloud solutions. Microsoft is spending a huge amount of money improving the services of Office 365. Today I will write about the service Conditional access that is a part of Azure Active Directory(AAD) Premium. you can get AAD Premium with EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security) or as a stand-alone product.

With Contidtional Access you can block users from accessing an Office 365 service on several conditions.

  • Block one or several applicarions
  • Block from accessing from networks(IP-addresses) outside of the Office
  • Block from accessing from devices not domain-joined.
  • Block from accessing from certain types of devices.
  • Exceptions can be made from blocking on users and groups or networks.

I imagine that this service will evolve once companies start to use Conditional access, for a user who gets blocked from SharePoint it will lock like this.

Setting up Conditional Access requires an administrator that has programming experience as it demands for computer-logical thinking of how to create the different rules.


This is a good way for securing the PII(Personal Identifiable Data) your company stores in the cloud. This is need for the upcoming GDPR that covers all organisations storing data on EU citizens. You can get guidance how to set this up for your company from us at NetIntegrate. Click on the button below to get to our contact-form.


Conditional Access