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Is SharePoint online still SharePoint?

I love SP Do I still love SharePoint? The changes have made me lost.

SharePoint Online is not the same as SharePoint 2013. In order to be more adopted to mobile it has a new UI(User Interface). Microsoft’s statement ”Mobile first, Cloud first” is really affecting their products UI. There has been a lot of grumble in the SharePoint Community, not only about the new UI but as well with coded solutions. I learned many years ago to stay away from too much coding with SharePoint Online. Now I hear that many developers have a hard time to meet the deadline.

What will affect us more is now when users come back after vacation, when they find a new UI for SharePoint that does look different. The new UI will be more friendly for mobile users, in fact I would say that you don´t need an app in your mobile for SharePoint. The first experience will be with document libraries, you can see the new UI in list view below.


However the problem is that the new UI do only work with libraries and custom lists so far, and not all the time even as there are a few ”bugs”. I put bugs in quotation marks as I don´t know if you can call them bugs. There are some situations that will not give you the new UI, Microsoft has made that public and have made it possible to revert back to classic view. In the botton left of a document library you can find a link for it.


The new UI does not work fully if you have Publishing feature activated, and if you are using Global Navigation the new UI is block as well. These are told by Microsoft to be supported in the future by SharePoint Online. As you see SharePoint Online is not really SharePoint anymore. I feel lost as the new UI is not ready, I feel SharePoint Online is in constant beta now.

Filter metadata This feature blocks the new look for SharePoint. It is used by some of my customers to easy navigate in the browser as they did in the file explorer.

If you want to prevent the new UI in SharePoint Online there is a way to do it, you can set it in SharePoint Online administration. For this you have to be a SharePoint administrator at least.

Custom SharePoint lists are also shown in the new look, some of the old standard lists in SharePoint are still in classic view. As you can see above in the first screen clip are the new look not showing recent anymore. If you want to edit the quick launch menu you will see recent. I found this out when trying to add link to a new list, here named Training sessions.


The new list is shown the new UI, one of the new features is that you can add a column easier and configure the views. There are also 2 new features one called Flow(also a product name from Telavox in Sweden, legal fight coming?) and one is called PowerApps. These 2 new features will be covered in future posts, each of them may fill several posts. I am still investigating the security issues that may come with these features. They are both hosted outside of Office 365, I hope in Azure in  the region your Office 365 is stored.


I see a lot of potential for new training sessions for users of SharePoint, I don´t think this can be done once and then you are fully aware. The constant changes will require renewed sessions. I am now writing the contents for consecutive training sessions online. Do visit our new website at and see the page about training