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Is Planner an acceptable replacement for Project Online?

For those of you that are using Office 365 you have during the past year seen many additional service, one of them is Planner that many are trying to figure out when and how to use it.

For those with a larger budget the option to add a license for Project Online is a better tool for larger projects and for projects with sharp deadlines. I know it cost a lot more to add the Project Online license, I would say that it is definitely worth it.

So when would Planner be a good replacement for Project online?

  • For single tasks and activities it is a lot faster and easier to work with Planner.
  • When tasks are connected together in time you definitely need to have Project Online.
  • When you would like to share tasks easy with your colleagues will Planner be the best solution.
  •  When you want more security is Project the best solution.
  • For your own tasks is Planner the best choice.
  • For a small workgroup is Planner the best choice.
  • Project Online has a desktop client that can be used for Project Managers and assistants.
  • Planner has a mobile app that can be good when you are travelling or out of office.

This is a short guideline for when to use Planer or Project Online