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Integrate SharePoint with other systems

SharePoint development does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. I meet customers that are afraid of SharePoint as they obviously have bad experiences from old projects. These projects have most likely involved a team of .net developers spending months of coding. I see it as the teams of developers have coded SharePoint to death, most of these branded over-coded solutions will never work in SharePoint Online.

With the new way of solving integration the amount of developers are deceasing extensively as well as the time to market. Microsoft can not allow the developers to code as much as SharePoint Online is a multi-tenant service. To develop for Office 365 will force the developer to read the service descriptions and most likely learn a lot about API-development.

What is API? Reading a sentence from Wikipedia saying API in general terms is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components. The developer does not gave to know about the code in the integrated system, the only thing needing to know is the API-calls to get or set information. Many software vendors are producing APIs for other developers to integrate systems together. Mostly are APIs used in open source products, but in the last years have the more closed vendors released API. Microsoft have boomed in APIs to all of their services. Office 365 and SharePoint is among the services where Microsoft have spent a lot of time on API. There is still a lot of work needed by Microsoft for SharePoint Online.

What can a company gain from contracting API-developers for SharePoint? Some of the benefits are these;

  • Integrate ERP and similar systems with SharePoint Online.
  • Integrate web servers with SharePoint Online
  • Automate creation and deletion of Office 365 users from entries in SharePoint lists.
  • Integration between SharePoint Online and other storage solutions.
  • Automate email and SharePoint Online.

To be able to use most of these benefits you need to be using SharePoint Online as a service of Office 365.