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How to adopt Microsoft Cloud services to EUs GDPR


I was speaking at the online conference Collab365 this week. For those of you who missed my session is it now available on YouTube to watch. In my speech I was showing how to in prectice adopt services to GDPR, there are many consultants and legal counselors who give you information how yo in theory adopt.

Miceosoft has done a lot to assist us to be securing nit only personal data but as well all data. Important to companies who work with patent related products.

In my video I was trying to show how to setup Information protection in Microsoft Azure, when I was recording I had some issues. I am in a picture showing you how this can be done.
You can add new labels to the standard ones that Microsoft is adding. What you then need to do is distribute the Azure Information Protection client to the users that needs to classify documents.



If you missed my video, here it is.