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How do you keep up with the changes in Office 365?

Office 365 is a SAAS(Software as a solution) that is constantly updated and improved. You as a user will get these once they are released, the benefit with always being updated with the latest software can by some user feel disruptive. If you are running Office 365 or any other SAAS service it is something you have to accept. To keep up with the changes can seem like a tough task.

In this post I will guide you to some tips on the sources I use myself to keep up-to date. This is not a complete list and if you have other sources, please let me know on Twitter or email.

  1. Twitter is usually my best source, I constantly add good connections to my Twitter Account. You will get tips from other blogs, Microsoft and from articles.
  2. Office 365 update Youtube channel is another good source, here you will get an intro to the changes during this month.
  3. Office 365 roadmap shows what Microsoft is developing, planning and rolling out. Every IT pro working with Office 365 has to visit this site every week.
  4. Contacts in the business as other IT pros working with Office 365 is a very important source for me.
  5. Users of Office 365 in their experience working with Office 365, the ways to work with Office 365 is like many other Microsoft solutions different for each user.

This is the most important sources I use to keep up-to date. How do I learn more about them by using it myself? This is our solution for a professional Office 365 environment. We have 3 different Office 365 tenants, some of you have seen this from my blog earlier that we have at least 2 tenants. The tenants and their usage is listed below.

  1. Our production tenant is where we have added our domain, here we are supposed to do no testing. You don´t test in the production environment, right?
  2. Our demo/training tenant is used for demoing to customers and leads. I usually use this tenant when I show you clips on this blog.
  3. Test tenant is used for testing any new features we need to show customers or features we need ourselves.

The process for us when we want to use new features or add things to our production is first to test in the test tenant, then move to the demo tenant if we feel the outcome will gain our business and finally introduced in the production tenant .

This path is the same like major IT departments have done for decades especially with IBM mainframe systems. So why don´t you do the same with Office 365?